1. Your Account:

At you can complete your purchase either as a GUEST or a REGISTERED customer.

If you are a registered member your order information will always be available to you through the ‘my account’ tab or through the web link we send you in your confirmation email if you are an unregistered guest.


2. Order:

After completing your purchase we will send you a confirmation email with all

the details. Please keep in mind that it will not be possible to cancel or modify your order if order is ready to be shipped.


3. Shopping Bag:

You can view the contents of your purchase in your ‘bag’ and change or delete the number of items which you are ordering.


Please remember that does not guarantee that items you save in your shopping ‘bag’ will remain in stock. Therefore, if one or more of the items sell out before you complete the payment, you will be able to see that it is out of stock in the ‘bag’. 


4. Wishlist:

You can save your favorite items in ‘My Wishlist’ and always have them ready to buy.

It works very easily: each time you click on the ‘My Wishlist’ symbol you add that item to your list. Using the edit button, you can delete items from the wishlist whenever you want. To complete your purchase, click on ‘add to bag’ and follow the usual steps.

Please remember that you can only use MY WISHLIST if you are a registered customer, and MY WISHLIST does not reserve the items for you while you shop.